Central North Police District police officers receive service medals for service

Police officers from the Central North Police District were recognised for putting themselves at risk on a daily basis and making a difference to the communities they serve.

Among them were three Nyngan police officers, who were presented medals by Assistant Commissioner Geoff McKechnie at an award ceremony in Bourke on Tuesday.

Senior Constable Sara Tabb and Senior Constable Michael Crosland were awarded the NSW Police Medal for 10 years of diligent and ethical service. Sergeant David Thomas also received his 30 year clasp for the NSW Police Medal for ethical and diligent service.


The NSW Police Medal is awarded to sworn members and former sworn members of the NSW Police Force who have completed ten years of diligent and ethical service. The Medal is awarded after a detailed review of the nominee's service history.

The clasp to the medal is awarded for each additional five years of diligent and ethical service.

Nyngan Police Sergeant Tony Wood congratulated and acknowledged the professionalism and dedication of the three officers.

"These officers are highly regarded in the community, and have continuously performed to a high standard and often in very difficult circumstances," Sergeant Wood said.

"I congratulate them on being awarded the police medal for ethical and diligent service."