Application criteria for Bogan Shire seniors living units

Criteria for seniors living units in Nyngan

The Bogan Shire Affordable Seniors Living project is due to be completed later this year, and the council has developed and adopted a policy to determine how the units will be allocated and the rental conditions.

The council is building the four units on the corner of Dandaloo and Cobar Streets using a Stronger Country Communities grant.

It is expected the project will be completed by June this year and the units available for eligible members of the community.

At its December meeting the council determined the units should be reserved for people over 60 who qualify for the Australian Aged Pension and who have continuously resided in the Bogan Shire for at least 10 years.

There will be three two bedroom units and one single bedroom unit on the site, all of which will be disability accessible.

In April following advertising, the council will invite members of the community interested in becoming tenants to complete and submit an application form which will be available at the council and on the Bogan Shire website.

All applications for tenancy will be assessed by a Tenancy Approvals Committee, which will consist of three community members (with reserves should there be a conflict of interest).

Eligible community members will then go into a ballot to determine the allocation of the units.

The monthly rental for the units will be set at 25 per cent of the Australian Aged Pension, and there will be an upfront residential bond equivalent to four weeks rent payable at the commencement of each tenancy.

Tenants will be responsible for their own electricity, water consumption charges, and any information and communications technology (such as telephone and internet).

Any future vacancies in the units will be filled in a similar fashion.

The council is aware there is significant demand in the community for suitable aged accommodation, and has undertaken this project in an attempt to retain the senior population in the shire.

In addition to the Affordable Seniors Living, the council also resolved in November 2019 to make the land currently occupied by the Palais Theatre available for the development of more aged accommodation.

It was decided to give the Palais land to Nyngan Community Homes, should that organisation be successful in obtaining grant funding to extend the number of units it operates on the neighbouring block in Cobar Street.

If Nyngan Community Homes is unable to proceed, the land will be available to other developers to build aged accommodation.

For more information contact the Bogan Shire Council on (02) 6835 9000 or at