Robb children host stall to support bushfire crisis

Three Nyngan children have baked up a storm raising $1341 in a local bush fire appeal.

Lilly, Charles and Edward Robb have hosted a cupcake and lemonade stall to help raise money for volunteer firefighters and animals affected by the bushfires.

The children had been hearing how devastating the fires have been not only to the people who have lost their homes and belongings, but also the thousands of animals that have been killed or injured.

"That made them really sad," mother Holly Robb said.

Mrs Robb said initially the children wanted to donate their old toys and books, but nine-year-old Lilly came up with the idea of a stall to help raise some money instead.

"The three of them came up with the idea of selling cupcakes and homemade lemonade for a gold coin donation," Mrs Robb said.


With the help of their mother the children hosted the out the front of the butcher shop on January 11.

"The kids helped me make a batch of koala cupcakes, which were just gorgeous and they also made their own," Mrs Robb said.

"I advertised it on Facebook a few days before, and once I had done that I had so many generous people offered to donate cupcakes."

Mrs Robb said the children made the homemade lemonade with lemons donated by Sally Ellis.

She said they received such "generous and kind donations" from the community and by 11.30am everything was sold out.

"I think being so isolated from the fires people see the devastation on television and would like to help but don't know how."

"The customers came steady all morning with everyone saying just what a wonderful, thoughtful job the children were doing for such a wonderful cause."

The children said they would split the donations with half to go to WIRES animal rescue and the other to the NSW Rural Fire Service for the great work volunteer firefighters do, putting their own lives at risk.

"I'm just so proud that they are aware of what's going on in other parts of their country and for showing compassion for the people and animals involved in such a horrific disaster," Mrs Robb said.

The children thanked Jodie Stewart, Wendy Robb junior, Sally Ellis, Julie O'Brien, Eloise Brady, Peita Drady, Liz Denovan, Jodi Kilmartin and Katrina Hurst for their generous donations of cupcakes and other goodies.

The children said they would "love" to do something like this again.