Simon Hay Aussie Medium event coming to Nyngan RSL Club

Nyngan residents will have the opportunity to connect with spirit when psychic medium Simon Hay comes to town next month.

The Simon Hay Aussie Medium event is coming to the Nyngan RSL on April 3 to share messages and information from spirit.

Audience members could expect a demonstration of psychic medium readings and healing, with some members of the crowd to receive a reading.

There will also be question time for people to ask questions about spirit and energy healing.

"I'm probably a lot more personal than other mediums where I get really personal information about health, trauma or relationships, so I share that at events to," Mr Hay said.

"I tell everybody that's what they expect and I'm diplomatic and polite, I say 'hey I might say something personal,' but I do a lot of healing work as well, so it's common for people to get a healing response at an event as well."

Growing up, Mr hay said his mother and uncle were mediums and was aware of spirit, however did not begin his own spiritual path until later in life.


He said his first experience came in 2001 after his ex partner's father passed away and things began to move around in his home. He decided to contact his uncle who helped him understand what he was seeing.

"That night while he was talking to my partner and I, I could see four figures standing in my lounge," Mr Hay said.

"It was a pretty wow moment, because at that stage I don't recall having a physical presence with spirit.

"I felt incredibly peaceful and I asked the mediums ... and they confirmed that and told me who was here and what the message was."

Mr Hay said he began his spiritual journey, while working full time as a plumber. However energy healing began in 2005 when he became chronically ill after a specialist determined solvents in the glue he was working with were affecting his body.

"Specialists didn't really know what to do with me, and one day I said 'I'm done being sick'," Mr Hay said.

"I actually wrote it on a piece of paper and said 'I'm fit and healthy'.

"I get this kind of energy response in my body, my hand heats up, I feel energy flow and movement, and I was fine, I spent the next six hours cleaning the house,"

"Prior to that I couldn't even wipe the bench without passing out or getting the shakes and being out of balance, I couldn't put any pressure on my body.

"The next day I crashed, but I focused on that and then within a few months I was 60 per cent better and in another 12 months I was probably 95 to 100 per cent better."

Now Mr Hay wanted to help other people through spiritual healing with his roadshow.

For Mr Hay the experience over the 13 years has been "full on" however he still regards himself as a regular bloke in jeans and a t-shirt.

"I'm very excited and passionate about this, but I'm also very low key, I still feel like a farmer and a tradie."