Roy's Round-Up | Coronavirus has caused a lot of panic

Hi Folks,

Who would have thought when we started this New Year and new decade that we would be experiencing the things we currently are.

Coronavirus has caused a lot of panic in the community - I ask that during this time we listen to the facts, act calmly, and look out for the vulnerable members of our community. It's disappointing that in response to Coronavirus a number of events will be cancelled across Barwon. These events would have brought much needed money into our towns. I've re-upped my calls for cash based assistance to regional communities; the Government cannot continue to delay providing this assistance.

On a positive note, water arrived at Menindee Lakes last week, with more following behind it! Its fantastic news for the town, I know there are many communities that have experienced the joy of seeing water in their rivers, lakes and dams. It's my hope will have good rain and get up to full production and a return to river health soon.

More than ever, we need to look out for each other, identify people in your social network who are vulnerable, and assist each other wherever we can.


Telehealth, Doctors and Rural Hospitals

Across the Electorate, the issue of medical coverage is top of mind for most people. Good medical services for communities in Barwon is something that I pay particular attention to. Every week there is at least one town that has lost its Doctor. The solution that is often provided by the Health District is the use of Telehealth.

Telehealth services are a part of the make-up of rural medical services, but cannot be used as a replacement for face-to-face medical services, especially when a person needs to have a bone set, or a wound stitched.

I have been working with the Health Minister to ensure regional communities receive their fair share of funding, and have appropriate services available that meet the needs of our communities. Telehealth and digital health solutions are a part of this mix but should never be a replacement for face-to-face care.

Information on COVID-19 or Coronavirus

There is a lot of information being distributed about Coronavirus, some of this information, while published with the best intentions, doesn't stick to the facts. The best source of information is NSW Health. They are publishing regular updates to their Facebook page and website:

There are a number of vulnerable people in our communities that may be currently struggling to access the necessities of life. Please look out for them, show some care and compassion and offer to help where you can.

It's important that during this time we listen to the facts and act calmly.

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