Non-essential businesses and services shut down to contain COVID-19

The Bogan Shire mayor has welcomed the NSW government's recent venue restrictions in an effort to stop COVID-19, saying it will help minimise coronavirus spreading throughout communities.

The restrictions include the closure of pubs, registered clubs, gyms, indoor sports venues, cinemas, entertainment venues, casinos, night clubs, restaurants and cafes (takeaway available), religious gatherings and places of worship.

It was also announced on Tuesday night that shopping centres, real estate auctions and open homes, beauty salons, tattoo parlours, amusement parks, pools, galleries and museums are to close.

It's also been announced that weddings are limited to five people and funerals are limited to a maximum of 10 people. The prime minister Scott Morrison also said there are to be no house parties and people should not congregate in groups.

Bogan Shire mayor Ray Donald said this could be the best chance to minimise the spread of the coronavirus in the region.

"Things will plateau off if essential measures are taken to isolate and observe hygiene measures," he said. "I think that's the best thing for any community to minimise the spread of it.

"As we know everything in the Bogan Shire and Nyngan has been cancelled into the future, and that's unfortunate, but the necessary thing to do to try and protect and continue the slight advantage we have, which is that so far there's been no reported cases here and we have got the benefit of isolation."

Cr Donald said that it's been disappointing to see the occurrence of panic buying, especially from those visiting from metropolitan areas.

"It's excessive demand from panic buying and that's affecting rural areas, because [warehouses] are then finding it difficult to get supplies out to rural supermarkets," he said.

"I think there's absolutely no tolerance of panic buying and there's no reason for that to occur, we have got plenty of food here in Australia."

The mayor had also encouraged residents to be mindful of retail workers who are doing the best to provide what they have.

"I think it's terribly unfair too, for any people buying where there may be shortages for people being abusive to the shopkeepers or the checkout attendants, or those supplying the shelves," he said.

As of today the number of coronavirus cases in Western NSW has increased to 15, health authorities have confirmed.

The age range of these people is from 18 to 67 years old and all of them are being provided with care and support from the Western NSW Local Health District.

The location or towns of these people who have confirmed cases was not provided by the health district, but previously stated that one is in Bathurst, four are in Orange, and three in the Dubbo electorate

he Nyngan Observer understands there have been no confirmed cases in the shire.

"It's just a matter of trying to do the most we can to try and restrict the spread of it, and I think, if the spread is restricted then I feel like the ability of the disease is also restricted," Cr Donald said.

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