HSC 2020: Students to report for screening before exams

The first of 120 written HSC exams will commence on Tuesday, October 20. Photo: file
The first of 120 written HSC exams will commence on Tuesday, October 20. Photo: file

WHEN students arrive for the start of their HSC exams on Tuesday they have been urged not to mingle and to go straight into screening.

There they will be asked if they have any flu-like symptoms before being allowed into the exam room, which will have no more than 75 people in it.

Face masks will be allowed and hygiene supplies will be available.

Students with a known illness, such as hay fever which has similar symptoms to the flu, are asked to get a medical certificate from their doctor and present this to their school.

Students are advised to make the best attempt they can to answer a question during the exam.

"This is a better strategy than not attempting the question at all," the NSW Education Standards Authority said.

Education Minister Sarah Mitchell said that 2020 had thrown up plenty of challenges for HSC students.

"Continue to take care of your wellbeing, reaching out for support or advice if you need it and keeping active. We are all behind you," she said.

"Be familiar with the key words in the Glossary of Key Words but remember that some HSC questions may start with words such as 'how?', 'why?' or 'to what extent?' and use verbs that are not included in the glossary, such as 'design', 'translate' or 'list'."

The stats on exams

  • 120 written exams totaling around 350 hours
  • 96 exam committees and around 300 committee members developed the written exam papers
  • Around 350 students will sit HSC exams overseas
  • Each exam was reviewed at least six times before more than 700,000 exam papers were printed
  • 750 exam centres will be staffed by more than 7500 supervisors and presiding officers
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